Trip to London 2016

46 students from year 11 went to explore London from the 12th to the 18th of July in 2016. In the following texts some students describe their impressions.


We visited the London Eye, which is owned by Coca Cola, and took the half hour ride. You could see all over London thanks to the good weather, but of course it was far more important to take pictures with famous monuments in the background, especially some group-selfies. We were around 18 people in one of the baskets, so it wasn’t too crowded.

At the end of the ride, they are taking a picture of you so the London Eye stops for a moment. We all got in position smiling and standing there for about three minutes and we thought the picture was taken. As we were leaving our position it suddenly flashed and one of the most beautiful pictures of the whole trip was taken (please mark the sarcasm). After that we had free time or could visit the Tower of London.

Our group walked to the Tower. It was a really long walk. There were some typical ravens that were besides the Jewels’ Tower. We also walked through the building and watched all the galleries. The famous Jewels were awesome and sparkled. In the background there was music which created a royal atmosphere.

At night some of us went to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to see the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was really excited about the show and wondering how difficultly it would be to understand everything because I had never went to an English spoken musical before.

We had good seats and a good view at the stage. The show was gorgeous. I had the expecta-tion that I would like it but I didn’t expect that it would impress me that much. The cast was incredibly well chosen. The scenery had so many details and it was so much fun watching the show.

All in all, a great evening which I won’t ever forget whenever thinking back to my second trip to this beautiful city.

Friday, 15 July

Today we have been to two sights in London. The first one was the Global Lecture in a theatre, where Shakespeare’s dramas were performed hundreds of years ago.

Our guide told us that Shakespeare’s dramas are not complicated or ''a big deal’’. When Shakespeare wrote them, the only thing he had in mind was to earn money, and to earn money they had to entertain people so we shouldn’t take it that seriously.

After that three of us had to play a scene of ''A Midsummer Night’s Dream’’. Afterwards we had three hours of free time. We used them to walk around in London to see the city life.

At 3 p.m. we visited the London Dungeon. It was much fun but also sometimes a bit confusing because the employees/actors were speaking very fast using lots of the special British humor. The most entertaining attraction was the maze of mirrors where it took a while to find the exit.


Windsor Castle Our Trip to Windsor Castle was one of the most interesting experiences of our trip to England. It was really nice to see how the King and Queen live and how history shaped this country and its citizens. Since it was a sunny and warm day, it was lots of fun to walk around outside and inside the castle and through the little town. I personally enjoyed the paintings most, since there were so many famous artists whose work was portrayed there.

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